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    Introduction to Krishi Karman Award


    1.1 Krishi Karman awards were instituted in the year 2010-11 to reward the best performing States in foodgrains and individual crops of Rice, Wheat, Pulses and Coarse Cereals.Krishi Karman awards are given to Best performer States for raising country's food grain production.Krishi Karman Awards comprises of three awards for total food grain production and four awards for production of rice, wheat, coarse cereals and pulses - the crops that constitute the food grain.
    1.2 There are eight awards including three for the Sates with highest foodgrains production in three identified categories (Category I – where production is >10 million tonnes: Category II – where production is between 1 – 10 million tonnes; and Category III – where production is <1 million tonnes) and five awards of highest production under each of the crops Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Coarse Cereals and Oilseeds. There is no categorization of States for individual crops of Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Coarse cereals and Oilseeds.
    1.3 In addition to the above, during 2013-14, Commendation Awards were given to States which achieved production and productivity higher in 2013-14 over their previous highest in 4/5 years, yet could not qualify for Krishi Karman Awards.
    1.4 The Award amount will be of Rs. 5.00 crore for total foodgrains category and Rs. 2.00 crore for individual crops category. The amount for Commendation Award will be Rs. 1.00 crore for each State.

    Krishi Karman Award : 2015-16

    Krishi Karman Award : 2014-15

    Krishi Karman Award : 2013-14


    Total Foodgrains Category - I : Punjab
    Total Foodgrains Category - II : Odisha
    Total Foodgrains Category - III : Meghalaya
    Rice : Chhattisgarh
    Wheat : Madhya Pradesh
    Pulses : Assam & Tamilnadu
    Coarse Cereals : West Bengal
    Oilseeds : Gujarat
    Commendation Awards -
    Total Foodgrains Category - III : Arunachal Pradesh & Nagaland
    Pulses : Maharashtra
    Coarse Cereals : Jharkhand
    Oilseeds : Karnataka

    Presentations By States


    Letters and Photo-Gallery

    Letters and Photo-Gallery
    Date of Release Title
    2013-14 KKA for the year 2013-14 regarding
    Photo Gallery Photo Gallery 2013-14


    Krishi Karman Award : 2012-132012-13

    Krishi Karman Award : 2011-122011-12

    Krishi Karman Award : 2010-112010-11


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