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    NFSM Commercial Crops

    Brief note on National Food Security Mission-Commercial Crops (Cotton, Jute and Sugarcane)

    The Government of India has approved Crop Development Programme on Cotton, Jute and Sugarcane for enhancing the production and productivity under National Food Security Mission- Commercial Crops (NFSM-CC) w.e.f. 2014-15. Under this Scheme thrust has been given on transfer of technology through frontline demonstrations and training in order to extend benefits to the farmers. From, 2015-16, in view of increased devolution to the States on account of implementation of recommendations of 14th Finance Commission, NFSM is being implemented on sharing basis between Government of India and States on 60:40 basis for general category states & 90:10 basis for North East & hilly states. However, the Central Agencies are funded 100% by GOI. Under the NFSM-CC, an allocation of Rs.4366.91 lakh has been made for 2016-17. This includes Rs.4100.11 lakh (Rs.1253.50 lakh for Sugarcane, Rs. 1510.99 lakh for Cotton & Rs. 1335.62 lakh for Jute) for States with sharing pattern of 60:40 (General State) and 90:10 (Hilly/NE States) between Centre and States and Rs. 266.80 lakh for Central Agencies with 100% funding by Centre.

    Components and Pattern of Assistance under NFSM- Commercial Crops during 12th Plan Period

    Jute based cropping system

    Sr No Component Unit cost Implementing agency
    1 Seed production
    Production of Breeder Seed
    Production of Foundation Seed
    Production of certified Seeds

    Rs 20000/qtl
    SDA, Central Research Institute of Jute and Allied Fibres (CRIJAF), National Seed Corporation (NSC),, State Farm Corporation of India (SFCI), SAUs, ICAR, KVKs and farmers group
    2 Seed Village programme and Production of seed in government farm
    Rs. 5500/- per qtl. of Certified Seed produced
    SDA, Agriculture Universities, KVKs, State Seed Corporation (SSC), NSC, SFCI & State Seed Certification Agency (SSCA).
    3 FLDs on alternate Retting technologies Rs. 20000/FLD (Rs. 17000 for inputs & Rs. 3000 for Contingency) ICAR/SAUs/ KVKs
    4 FLDs on Production technologies / Intercropping Rs.8000/ha (Rs. 7000 for inputs & Rs. 1000 for contingency) ICAR/SAUs/ KVKs/ NGOs / Cooperatives /State Dept of Agriculture
    National level training (25 Participants X 3 days) Rs.80000/
    CRIJAF, National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT), SAUs such other organization.
    State level training (20 participants X 2 days) Rs. 40000
    State Dept of Agriculture, SAUs / KVKs
    6 Contingencies & Electronic Print Media Need Based Directorate of Jute Development ( DOJD, Kolkata

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